March 21, 2023

Top Benefits of taking CEH Certification in 2023

As a result of the ongoing COVID pandemic, businesses have accelerated the pace of digital transformation by an exponential amount. Because of the rapid advancement of technology, there is a pressing need for increased levels of network protection expertise. As an increasing number of businesses realize the value of CEH certification, an increasing number of network security experts are making it a priority to become certified.

Applicants for the CEH certification are graded according to the methodologies that are utilized in the IT industry and in businesses. In addition to this, it provides a practical experience as well as a working knowledge of potential security risks and necessary countermeasures to harmful attacks.

The CEH certification training course offered by Simplilearn will provide you with the hands-on instruction you need to master the strategies that hackers use to break into other’s network systems and strengthen your own defenses against those strategies. This ethical hacking course will effectively equip you to scale up your blue team skills since it is aligned with the most recent version of the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification offered by the EC-Council.

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) curriculum is one of the most extensive programs for ethical hacking and is recognized all over the world. It offers security professionals knowledge about the principles of hacking. Training for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to audit company and individual network infrastructures in order to identify vulnerabilities. This can also assist you in evaluating your current security mechanisms and locating potential dangers and holes in those systems.

Why should you take up CEH Certification in 2023?

In this article, let us discuss below why this certification must be at the top of your list: 

Developing a mindset similar to that of computer hackers

You will have a much better understanding of the mentality of a cybercriminal if you get CEH certification. In addition to this, it equips you with the skills and capabilities necessary to respond as rapidly as possible to potential dangers and unexpected occurrences. When you adopt this way of thinking, it enables you to comprehend how hacker assaults are carried out, which in turn enables you to design tactics to combat those attacks.

Possibility of pursuing a profession in the field of information security

It is time to receive CEH training and certification whether you already have a solid basis in cybersecurity or if you want to have these foundations in the future. Your IT career will benefit in a variety of ways if you get a CEH certification by expanding your knowledge of IT security and gaining an understanding of the tools and methods employed by hackers. The growing importance of cybersecurity is driving more and more businesses to seek out candidates holding this certification.

Having a plan in place to address potential security flaws and threats

While businesses work to strengthen the safety of their networks, malicious actors are also improving their knowledge of ever-advancing technologies. Attacks on corporations frequently target their information technology infrastructure by penetrating known vulnerabilities. You are able to take safeguards by understanding how hackers access your network thanks to the CEH certificate, and you are able to prevent assaults before they happen thanks to the up-to-date knowledge you have of these dangers.

A CEH Certification authenticates your capabilities.

You can demonstrate your skills as a penetration tester and guarantee that they meet the standards of acceptance set out by the industry if you earn a Certified Ethical Hacker certification. As an ethical hacker, the results you offer and any vulnerabilities you find are hidden away in a separate compartment from the general public. Under these conditions, it could be tough to demonstrate that you are qualified enough for the job and have the necessary skills.

It’s possible that you don’t want to put any legal agreements you had with your previous employer on the line by giving certain information to a potential new employer, in which case you should proceed with extreme caution while doing so. Having a CEH certificate helps establish a benchmark for your ethical hacking talents and establishes you as a real cybersecurity applicant for a variety of job descriptions related to the field of cybersecurity.

A Rewarding and Well-Paying Salary for CEH Certification

Due to the fact that organizations are continuously being targeted by cybercriminals, the services of an ethical hacker are always in high demand. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam will test your knowledge of all facets of hacking and will help you get ready for situations that may arise on the job. Obtaining this accreditation can assist in opening up additional doors and employment prospects for you, including positions that pay better.

In the cybersecurity industry, prospective employees with substantial experience are preferred by companies. This highlights the value of being a certified ethical hacker, as it opens the door to countless opportunities at a significant wage. A salary of approximately $82,966 per year is required to obtain a CEH certification; however, more experienced ethical hackers can anticipate earning a salary of at least $130,000 per year.

Increases the Assurance of Employment

Due to the rapid expansion of cybercrime, there is an increasingly pressing requirement for highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. In light of the fact that the median cost to fix after being hacked is $690,000 for small organizations and more than $1 million for medium-sized businesses, investing in cybersecurity resources is simply sound business practice.

Cyber security certification such as CEH will make you more employable while also helping to close the skills gap currently existing in the field. Certified ethical hackers are always in great demand because they assist firms in evaluating their level of cybersecurity and in locating potential flaws before they are exploited by attackers. You’ll have an advantage over other candidates for this position because of the certification you earned. Because certified ethical hackers are less likely to be fired during poor economic times, it helps increase your job security and gives you more peace of mind.

Even though we only touched on a handful of the advantages of the CEH certification and course, some of you have already set this as a goal for your professional life, right? Who then is eligible to get the title of Certified Ethical Hacker?

Anyone! Anyone with an interest in elevating their career into one of the most lucrative fields of the future, your search for the right career path ends here with a CEH certification. 

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